FAQ & Instructions

How do I use the manual?

The manual is designed to function like an e-book, with an index of topics on the right hand side. Simply click on the topic you wish to view, and the collapsible menu will expand to reveal sub-topics. At the bottom of each content page you can navigate to the previous topic, or the next topic. To get back to the top of the page, simply click on the up arrow symbol in the bottom right corner of the page:


What devices can I use the manual on?

You can use the manual on any device with an internet connection and a browser, including smartphones, iPads, other tablets, laptop and desktop computers.

The site is fully responsive and will adjust to your browser window size.

Phone Users – Please note:

  • On small screens (such as an iPhone) the index may be repositioned above or below the content. You will need to scroll down to see the content.
  • If you can’t see the Login button, turn your phone horizontally and it will appear.


Access to the manual is by one of 4 methods:

  1. Free Subscription: You can access one sample chapter to get an idea of how the manual works. You can also browse the entire index and see all of the topics in the manual.
  2. 1 Year Individual Subscription: Sign up for a 2 year membership, and access the full content of the manual, including continuous updates and all new content. After your first year you can re-subscribe at a reduced rate.
  3. Departmental Access: enquire about arranging access for your whole department (at a discounted rate) here.
  4. Attend an ETM Course. All course participants receive 1 year access to the manual, and can resubscribe at a reduced rate after the first year.

Problems with the site?

If you experience any difficulty with the site, please drop us a line via the main ETM Course Contact Page.